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Established in 2014; Slowlife is a proudly South Australia's motoring lifestyle movement with an emphasis on the love, passion and life-long friendships enthusiasts share via their mutual appreciation for cars and motorcycles. We promote community engagement via our community events and media productions to bring about awareness of mental and emotional well-being attached to the passion for motoring, and to promote a positive and strong future for the enthusiast community.

Celebrating our fifth year in 2019; our devoted volunteer-driven team aims to act as a voice for the SA motoring enthusiasts to facilitate progressive change in the motoring community via producing engaging community events and developing high-end local motoring media to showcase local events, vehicles and news.

The term 'Slow Life' is drawn from our philosophy that the car enthusiast need not focus on living in the fast lane, and instead slowing down to appreciate the finer details in the community - the people, the love, the mutual passion.

Slowlife is about enjoying the lifestyle circulating around a shared love, and finding your place in a global network of like-minded people.

Slowlife offers young volunteers a platform to put their education, passion and aspirations into practice and gain real-life experience in areas ranging from event management, digital media, marketing, photography, film, and journalism. Many Slowlife volunteers have used their volunteer experience to launch themselves into their dream careers; with real-life examples including motorsport event coordination, fashion modelling, camera operation and marketing executive.

It’s been five years since the Slowlife journey began, and to us, it’s only just beginning. Embrace the movement and slow down to appreciate the community around you. Forge friendships, experience more, and learn what makes the motoring community one of the strongest communities around the globe.

Our Journey (So Far)

The story of Slowlife dates back to the very beginning of 2014; when a group of young like-minded enthusiasts came together with no intention of 'Slow Life' ever becoming anything to begin with! What started with a few friends grew into a 'squad' who fondly remember hosting weekly catch-ups at Windy Point to break up the work week, relax with their cars, and catch up together as one. These 'Windies Wednesdays' events began to gain traction as other enthusiasts began to join the movement - and then came the Facebook page. Slowlife was a thing before Facebook was a thing! No 'events' - just a routine catch-up between enthusaists during the work week.


The group got together and produced the name 'Slow Life' - which came about for two reasons. Firstly; because everybody literally had slow cars... Secondly; to remind those who came across SL that it's okay so slow down and appreciate the finer details in the community... It's not about 'living life in the fast lane', who has the fastest, most expensive, or most eye-catching car, or even about cars/motorcycles altogether. It was about the friendships that had been forged through the mutual passion for motoring, and the community which formed around what started as a group of friends.

The first 'event' hosted by Slowlife fell in May 2014 - and was a simple 'mini meet' in the Burnside Shopping Centre car park on a Wednesday night - the community given just three hours' notice as the team enjoyed the spontaneity!

The parking lot filled, and countless imports, Euro and domestic cars were gracing the rows. This was the turning point for Slowlife, as we realised that South Australia was in need of more events like this, and we had literally stumbled into it without intending to even host events in the first place.

With a small team comprising of different young people with different skills ranging in photography, graphic design, event organising, writing, and downright creativity; we pulled together to create the events which we all enjoy today.

In 2014 we saw a group of friends become a community. We collaborated with other local event and meet organisers including Adelaide Four Six Rotary and Mighty Car Mods, and even provided the media coverage for the 2014 Cruise for Charity. It was the year we first experienced the sheer awesomeness of the Adelaide motoring community, and we couldn't get enough of it.

In 2015; Slowlife saw a new look and feel thanks to the graphic design efforts of one of our founding members Tom Goldsmith (the man behind our original imaging, the All Japan Day, All Euro Day and SA Time Attack artwork), and also saw us commencing what would be the early days of what we now call 'Slowlife Saturdays'. Hosted on the final Saturday of each month; we began to host regular meets a the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre in Oaklands Park. The six-story, winding parking facilities provided an unforgettable atmosphere of cars, community and fun. The memories from the multi-story are some of our fondest, and we housed our events here until the end of the year when Slowlife out-grew the humble Aquatic Centre.

Come 2016; Slowlife had amassed close to five thousand local followers, and we were so incredibly humbled to see what had become of the car community in South Australia. This was the year that we registered our little community as a South Australian small business.

Our first website, an online store for stickers and decals to be purchased at any time, web-based articles and social media content, and fully-insured, publicly covered and legitimized motoring events are the reason we did this.


As our events grew; so did our liability as organisers, and in order to insure and legitimize our events for the safety of those in attendance and the community around us; we took Slowlife to that next level and made it 'official'!

It was also what we call 'the year of the puns'... Every month; we hosted an event using name play on the month it was hosted in. 'April Spools', 'May the Downforce be With You' and 'HardJuned' were notable mentions from that year. We explored many meet venues throughout the year, and eventually found ourselves at a new home - IKEA Adelaide. Until March 2017; we found our meets hosted here, and saw what we recall to be one of our biggest and most consistent years to date in terms of the community uniting and coming together for a single event on a monthly basis.

This consistency flowed into early 2017, where we renamed our monthly events to what is still renown as 'Slowlife Saturdays' - the idea or a consistent, monthly event hosted in a venue large enough to house the majority of the SA motoring community in a family-friendly, all-encompassing environment to allow the motoring community to grow, thrive and prosper.

In March 2017; we were a bit tired, so we took a break for a while. Admittedly; some social media-based online bullying by a group of individuals within the community resulted in us feeling demotivated and unable to host events at that point in our lives, and so we went straight back to the drawing board, and began to think of a way that we could do what we were already doing, but do it better and to do something a little different

There was one idea, which had always been somewhat of a 'dream' of ours since our 2014 inception - to host our very own legitimate, judged and coordinated car show. We had always thought it near impossible with our lack of funding, small team and lack of event experience - but the years of hosting meets, networking and education had made it that little bit more realistic.

2017 was the year our flagship motoring lifestyle show SlowCase was born.

In October 2017; Slowlife returned to the Adelaide motoring community with its annual motoring celebration which now stands as our annual flagship event enjoyed by all makes and models.

The show saw its inception at the Adelaide Showground, and was a dream come true for us. What we didn't know, we learned. What we didn't have, we acquired. What we needed, we sought, and we made our dream a reality.

With the follow-up show soon later in January 2018; SlowCase is now hosted at the beginning of each year, and has now found its way to the iconic vineyards of the SA wine region of McLaren vale... Humble beginnings, and a pathway was carved!

2018 saw Slowlife grow into the consistent, experienced and professional events and media organisation it is today. Our monthly Slowlife Saturdays events made a comeback in our fifth year of operation, and we found our home to our monthly events at the wonderful facilities of Brickworks Marketplace - a venue rich in SA heritage outfitted with numerous food traders, bathrooms, a smooth and recently-surfaced parking facility, and suitable lighting. It's become a monthly hub of motoring excellence, and we continue to host our events on the last Saturday of every month at the Brickworks.

As our team of passionate volunteers grew in numbers; so did our events, and our talented media team of volunteer photographers, film specialists and journalists produce consistent online content of the local motoring community to show the world what the little old city of Adelaide is capable of, and the garage of spectacular local builds.

As 2019 dawned upon us; we wanted to push our boundaries beyond what we had ever done before. We had always wanted to host an event of luxury and perfection, and we wanted to spread our message beyond borders. In 2019; we did just that.

SlowCase saw the 'community car show' transform to a celebration of SA motoring culture bathed in decadence and exclusivity in the vineyards of McLaren Vale. We regard the 2019 event as our proudest event to date!

We also saw our first ever interstate event as we took our brand to Melbourne to experience the Victorian car community for a weekend of fun with our freshly-formed interstate alliances.

Today; Slowlife still remains with the same message it started with - community. It's about the friendships made between passionate motorists, the everlasting relationships forged over those long nights slaving in the garage, those hot summer days cruising the coastline, and those cool nights perched up in a local car park talking about your passion with other like-minded individuals.

It's not about what you drive - anything is welcome at Slowlife. We appreciate (and know a lot about) just about any make and model, and you'd be surprised with the variety that attends our monthly Slowlife Saturdays events! We're all-encompassing, inclusive and diverse, and we source our excitement from our love for driving, South Australia and of course our four (and two) wheeled machines which feel like our family.

Support our movement and live the slow life - whether it be by representing our mission with one of our decals; or by attending our events. Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, browse our media articles, and check out our event schedule to see how you can become involved in our proudly SA motoring lifestyle.

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