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Sporting a Slowlife sticker on your car/bike isn't simply a fashion statement; it's a display of support for a local car community working its hardest to maintain and secure the future of the motoring community as a whole. The funds raised from the sale of our merchandise goes directly back into our events, media and projects for the community, and we appreciate your support for what we do.

Check back on our store often, as there are always new additions!

Our Stickers Mean Something.

Having a Slowlife sticker on your car/motorcycle isn't just a fashion statement - it represents a community which was built on love, friendship, and respect.


It's not about living in the fast lane; it's slowing down to appreciate the love and community around motoring.

Funds raised from our sales directly fund future events and projects which we provide to the community. Support us by purchasing and representing us today.

Make a Statement and Banner Up.

Live the slow life wherever the road takes you with our premium quality, precision-cut vinyl window banners.

With colours and finishes to suit just about any style of car; we want you to make a statement on the road and tell the world that you're a part of a society of enthusiasts who value companionship, respect and love within the motoring community.


Live the slow life your way with decals made just for you and your like-minded friends.

We're always adding new additions to the range to support niche groups within the motoring community. Get in touch with us if you have a suggestion, and we'll look into having a society sticker for your vehicle added!

A Little Taste of Japan.

Did you know that over 60 percent of Slowlife's following shares a passion for Japanese cars? Whether it was domestically sold in Australia or if it was imported; we love our JDM followers.

The JDM range pays homage to the Japanese influence many vehicles share at our events and in our media. The Japanese Katakana translation for 'Slow Life' is featured across much of the range.

The Japanese influence on aftermarket modification and automotive technology is the reason why many of today's young motoring enthusiasts find themselves drawn to cars/motorcycles in the first place, so our inspiration is drawn from JDM culture.

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